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About us

Photoluminescent Europe

Photoluminescent Europe is the largest distributor of photoluminescent materials and products in Europe. Our products are often confused with phosphorus, but we can assureyou that no phosphorus is included. Our company was founded on the idea of innovating photoluminescence products, which other companiesthought could not be innovated.

We offer high-grade photoluminescent pigments and photoluminescent products achieving the highest luminance-in-the-dark characteristics on the market. Advisory services for our customers are a matter of course. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the incorporation of photoluminescent pigments into various materials, we are able to advise you on their subsequent application.

We glow in the dark

Our photoluminescent pigments are used and applied in various fields of industrial production, transportation, interior and exterior design, advertising items, and many other areas. Our company cooperates with factories producing plastics, glass, paints and varnishes, ceramics, resins, putties, joint-sealing materials, stone carpets, textiles, silk screen printing, etc. Within the framework of our cooperation, we strive to make their products more attractive or safe using our photoluminescent pigments.

The possibilities of using photoluminescent pigments are endless. We are open to all ideas and wishes of our clients and are able to customize our photoluminescent products to their specific needs and specifications.

What do they say about us?

We specialize in photoluminescent materials and products.