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Photoluminescent safety signs

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  • Photoluminescent safety signs

Photoluminescent safety signs

Photoluminescent safety products are designed especially for light navigation systems for escape routes from office and industrial buildings.

These are safety devices that do not require their own power supply, which significantly simplifies and cheapens installation and also reduces operating costs.

Photoluminescent reflective tape

Technology combining photoluminescent and reflective layers allows the tape to both radiate and reflect the light. The result is a strong reflection effect with direct light impact and subsequent radiation in a dark environment.

The tape can be stitched onto fabric or attached to various objects.

Available sizes: 5cm * 50m

Product code: PLE-RP-Z-G200

Photoluminescent exit signs

Photoluminescent PVC tape is mainly used to designate emergency exits and escape routes. It is also suitable as light navigation in manufacturing plant.

Available sizes:50MM*5M or 50MM*10M

Product code:


Photoluminescent anti-slip rigid PVC tape

Thisis used as a safety element when marking the first and last steps of stairs. The photoluminescent anti-slip tape can also be used as light navigation in buildings.

Sizes of photoluminescent anti-slip tapes:

PLE-SFP-G200-25 25mm*10m
PLE-SFP-G200-50 50mm*10m

Photoluminescent transition and stair rails

Photoluminescent stair rails are used to mark the first and last steps of stairs in manufacturing plant, they can be used both indoors and outdoors, and a small amount of light is sufficientto charge them.


Ability to radiate light up to 12 hours.

Gallery of our photoluminescent safety signs

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