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Photoluminescent gravel and pebbles

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  • Photoluminescent gravel and pebbles

Photoluminescent gravel

Photoluminescent gravel is widely used in interior and exterior design – for example: stone carpets, driveways, aquariums, decorations, etc.

Only ten minutes of light absorption is enough forlight to be emittedfor eight to ten hours. The size of the photoluminescent gravel can be modifieddepending on your specific requirements. Photoluminescent gravel may be rounded.

Photoluminescent pebbles

Photoluminescent pebbles are made of photoluminescent pigments, they are non-toxic, non-radioactive and chemically stable. Only ten minutes of light absorption is enough for light to be emitted for eight to ten hours.

Photoluminescent pebbles are useful for decorating gardens, courtyards, fountains, and other places where your imagination carries you.

Gallery of our photoluminescent gravel and pebbles

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