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Tips and tricks

Glow in the dark ink

Our glow in the dark pigments could be mixed with lot of different inks. Thus we can produce glow in the dark inks.

Glow in the dark pigments for screen printing

We are able to produce glow in the dark pigments which are the most suitable for screen printing. Find out more information in this article.

Aluminate based glow in the dark pigments

Aluminate based photoluminescent pigments are the most popular glow in the dark powders on the market.

Photoluminescent lacquer, glow in the dark paint

Instructions for creating photoluminescent lacquer or paint.

Photoluminescent grout

Photoluminescent grout could be made of our photoluminescent pigments.

General information and propereties of photoluminescent pigments

Photoluminescent pigments (photoluminescent powder) is not soluble, that is why you can find size of grains of photoluminescent powder on our e-shop.