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Photoluminescent lacquer

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  • Photoluminescent lacquer

Instructions for creating photoluminescent lacquer or paint

Photoluminescent lacquer is made by mixing transparent acrylic lacquer with photoluminescent pigment. Firstly lacquer need to be mixed with hardener – ratio 2:1. Secondly photoluminescent pigment is added with constant stirring. Recommended amount of photoluminescent pigment in the whole mixture is 30 % of total weight. Glow in the dark pigments have higher molecular weight than lacquer so it’s to sediment. Therefore glow in the dark lacquer should be applied right after mixing.

Photoluminescent paint/lacquer/varnish could be applied by brush, paint roller, etc. Probably the best way is to use a pressure pot spray gun. At least three layers of coating is recommended, so glow in the dark effect was strongest. When the coating is dry, one layer of transparent lacquer should be added, in order to increase resistance against weather conditions. 

Photoluminescent paint should be applied only on a degreased surface. If the surface is light, glow in the dark effect is stronger than on the dark surface.

Glow in the dark pigments could be also mixed with light color paints. Mixing glow in the dark pigments with paint or resin is the same but no hardener is needed.