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Phosphorus vs. Photoluminescent products

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  • Phosphorus vs. Photoluminescent products

Phosphorus vs. Photoluminescent products

All our photoluminescent products have the ability to glow in the dark. Phosphorus has the same property, and it itself is derived from the name of the property: in Latin, phosphorus is called phosphorous, which literally means “bringer of light”. Thisability interested designers and architects around the world; they liked the idea that objects or products could shine in the dark. Therefore,a phosphorescent powder started to be produced fromphosphorus, from which phosphorescent paint or other phosphorescent products could be produced. Later on, however, phosphorusproduction stopped due to the negative effects of phosphorus on human health.

Phosphorus properties

In lowamounts, phosphorus in the human body is a necessary and useful substance. In large amounts, phosphorus is highly detrimental, it reduces vascular elasticity and contributes to cardiovascular diseases. The lethal white phosphorus dose for humans is 0.15 grams.

Phosphorus in its pure form is a strongpoison and highly inflammable substance, at first glance resembling a piece of wax. Phosphorus is soft, so you can cut it. There are several types of phosphorus, the most well-known being white phosphorus and red phosphorus. White phosphorus is a very reactive substance. It can easily combustin air. The most stable form of phosphorus is red phosphorus, which is used in the production of matches.

Make the right choice!

These phosphorus properties disallow its use inindustry. Production of phosphorescent powder and phosphorescent paint thus had to stop. However, at the beginning of the new millennium, photoluminescent pigments, which have the same ability as phosphorus to shine in the dark, but are not harmful to health and are completely stable, started to be used.

However, our photoluminescent products are still often confused with phosphorus. We can assure you that no phosphorus is included. The only property that these two substances have in common is their ability to shine in the dark. All our photoluminescent materials have been tested and we can send you all the safety data sheets upon request.

We specialize in photoluminescent materials and products.