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Photoluminescent Pigment

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  • Photoluminescent Pigment

Pigment based on aluminate

Photoluminescent pigments based on alkaline earth metal aluminateare the most versatile range of photoluminescent pigments. Glow in the dark pigments are applicable to coatings, sprays, inks, plastics, ceramics, glass, textiles, etc. All photoluminescent pigments in this range are characterized by high luminosity and long emission times.

Chemical formula: AlxSryCa (1-y) Oz: Eu Dy.

Pigment based on aluminate-water

Water-borne photoluminescent pigments are made from pigments based on aluminate-alkaline-earth metalsusing acoating method. They can be used directly for water-borne paints or ink. This range of photoluminescent pigments is also suitable for photoluminescent products to be submerged in water for extended periods of time.

Chemical formula: AlxSryCa (1-y) Oz: Eu Dy

Neon photoluminescent pigment

Colour pigments combine the photoluminescence properties of aluminate pigments and ultraviolet light (UV A) pigments. Light-emitting properties are activated by both normal and ultraviolet light. Neon photoluminescent pigments are obtained by processing pigments based on aluminate. This product range of photoluminescent pigments has a fresh and eye-catching appearance and is available in orange, green, red, pink, blue, etc.

Chemical formula: AlxSryCa(1-y)Oz: Eu Dy.

Pigment Rapid (Fast Charging)

This range of photoluminescent pigments is made of alkaline earths of strontium aluminate, which are pale yellow during the day and shine yellow-green in the dark. The PLE-P-Z-8 photoluminescent pigment is available in fast light absorption and easy excitation types, we recommend usingit in areas with low lighting levels such as tunnels, underground garages, operating halls, etc.

Chemical formula: AlxSryCa(1-y)Oz: Eu Dy

Photoluminescent pigment based on zinc sulphide

Photoluminescent sulphide pigments are made from asulphide base and are available in red or white colour with white, orange and red luminescent gleams. This pigment is also suitable for electroluminescence.

Chemical formula: MxOySz:Eu Ln or ZnS:Cu.

Gallery of our photoluminescent pigments

Photoluminescent Pigment Characteristics

Harmless to humans and the environment

Contains no toxic or radioactive substances

Low requirements for radiation sources

Radiation time up to 12 hours

Use of pigment under almost any condition

Ability to withstand ultraviolet radiation

Resistant to chemical corrosion

Maintains power even after thousands of hours of lighting with a 300 W mercury lamp

Long service life including luminous intensity

Wide colour scale

Wide range of particle sizes

Illuminated under UV light

We specialize in photoluminescent materials and products.