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Photoluminescent plate

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  • Photoluminescent plate

Photoluminescent plate

PVC plate – This rigid photoluminescent plate is made of hard plastic that is non-toxic, is harmless to health and does not contain any radioactive elements.

On our photoluminescent PVC boards and vinyls, you can print text to make sure that the information on them is more easilyvisible (for example, safety signs).

Like all our photoluminescent products, it is characterized by rapid energy absorption, long-lasting light and long service life.

Photoluminescent vinyls

Thisis a stick-on or self-adhesive foil made of softened plastic (optionally in combination with paper) witha wide range of uses in safety, advertising and design.

Photoluminescent vinyls are offered in standardized sizes, however, the foils can be made in other sizes as per customer wishes.

Gallery of our photoluminescent plate and vinyls

We specialize in photoluminescent materials and products.