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Glow in the dark ink

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  • Glow in the dark ink

Glow in the dark ink

Our glow in the dark pigments can be mixed with many different substances. Therefore photoluminescent pigments have many uses. One possible use is the production of photoluminescent ink, i.e. ink that glows in the dark.

Inks are mostly produced on a water basis, for these inks we recommend adding a finer glow in the dark pigment in the form of glow in the dark powder. For example, PLE-P-Z-4EW or 6EW can be used. Alternatively, the same glow in the dark pigments only in blue. If you use solvent-based inks, you can use glow in the dark pigments of the same grain size that are not specially adapted for water-based inks, i.e. PLE-P-Z-4E or PLE-P-M-4E. The photoluminescent pigment should not exceed 30% of the total weight of the mixture.

The resulting luminous ink will of course have the same properties as glow in the dark pigments, i.e. it will glow in the dark.

If you cannot find the selected glowing powder, you can search for pigments in our e-shop in the search field according to these codes. Alternatively, we will be happy to advise you – info@pleu.cz