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General information about photoluminescent pigments

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  • General information about photoluminescent pigments

General information and propereties of photoluminescent pigments.

Photoluminescetn pigments (photoluminescent powder) is not soluble, that is why you can find size of grains of photoluminescent powder on our e-shop.

Photoluminescent powder with bigger size of grains is characterized by higher luminosity, but worse homogeneity. Photoluminescent powder with smaller size of grains are easy to spread out in color (or some other chamical compounds), that results in material (where photoluminescent compound were used) luminate more integrally.

Photoluminescent powder is able to whitstand temperatures about 500°C. Photoluminescent powder with bigger grains – photoluminescent sand is perfect for application into glass. For about 30 minutes, photoluminescent sand is able to withstand temperatures up to 1250 °C.

Photoluminescent sand can not be mechanically treated due to negative impact on photoluminescent properties.

Photoluminescent pigments are harmless to health. Photoluminescent pigment should be stored dry.